Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hello There

It's surprised me how long it's taken to craft and start this blog.  When I say 'craft,' I mean to describe staring blankly at Blogger's layout page, marveling over how advanced blogging technology now is while simultaneously wondering how to make my title picture smaller.  Is there no central communication group with whom I might email this question: how do I shrink the title picture?  I shy away from looking in the group forum.  I am an old-fashioned 30-something; I would rather sit on hold for half an hour waiting for a live person, who maybe speaks a language near my own, than hunt through online pages communicating the random thoughts of people who use Blogger.  This is probably not at all what the Group Forum is like.  I don't know; I haven't looked.  And my picture is still enormous.

I'm not really worried about the title picture, at least not much, but I'm worried about a new blog.  I worry about my inability to commit to a blog.  I have had two blogs in the past, one about knitting and one about parenting.  They both eventually fizzled.  Is it fair to blame the subject of the second as the reason the blog itself became nearly impossible to maintain?

No, I don't think that's fair.

I have an intention here to share and explore what regularly works in my life, what helps me best accomplish those three words listed on that simply enormous picture: joy, contentment, and satisfaction.  I'm hopeful this space will help me learn and focus my intentions for this small and large creation that is my own life.  I think a blog can work like that.

I am also hopeful that by the time I give up on this blog for my fourth (Making Online Forum Groups Work for You!), I will have learned how to shrink my title picture.

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